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Is run by Crystal, founder of From Japan With ♥.
From Japan-Crystal will feature her own, more personal, journey to Japan and through life.
So far she has... Spent time in Canada both in Vancouver and Montreal, gotten married to a foreigner, transferred to a top national research university, and is currently studying International Business with the aim to minor in Japanese.

I guess living in the capitol isn’t so bad. There’s a couple of opportunities for me to take now that I have a job. I can actually buy stuff for FJWH and focus on work other than constantly worrying about rent. :)
I found an awesome origami book for kids in Japanese at a small local book store for $5 so I picked that up and will be posting on some creations later on. There were a bunch of novels but they were more for adults so no furigana….I didn’t get them! Though I will probably clean them out in the next few months just so I have something to entertain my language skills.

The same goes for the art supply store, they have this awesome bamboo paper and Japanese calligraphy ink blocks that I’m going to get next pay check. :)

And of course, even though I don’t work there anymore, I still managed to greet a customer with “Thank you for calling Cabela’s.” Right in front of my manager too! Haha….ugh call centers, all I can dream about is answering calls in my sleep. I think I even answered more calls in my sleep than at work!

I can’t wait to go back to classes this Fall…but I NEED to switch that art history class if possible to the photography class. Even though the photography class isn’t really at a convenient time, I’d rather deal with it than fail the art history class because….I honestly don’t give a crap about art history. I’d take an art history class for Asian countries but not this one… it’s going to be so boring! European art. :/

For the past couple of days I’ve felt so lonely.I don’t have much to entertain myself with and even then it’s not really human contact. I find myself craving conversation but it’s so hard when the one person I have to talk with just ignores me and plays games all day. It’s hard to go outside and do things because I don’t really have a car and even then I don’t want an empty “how are you?”, “I’m doing fine, you?” conversation that strangers have.

It makes me nervous reading the bad reviews about my future employer but looking at how many good review there are, it seems the job is what you take away from it. If all you’re going to do is act like a child and whine about how you didn’t communicate properly to get the hours you needed or other things, then that’s too bad.
If you’re handed a role and accept it you should strive to make as many connections and use the resources they provide you as much as possible.

The bad reviews seem to be written by inexperienced freshman from the university.

Wow that took a bit more work to install and work out the kinks but I think I’ve got it! Blog set up, not to create content and prepare for Launch April 29th! :)

We went to the theaters yesterday because it was $5/ticket Tuesdays with free popcorn. The movie we saw was Divergent. It was pretty good, probably won’t watch it again for a couple of years but not too bad of a show. I’d give it 8/10.

The only thing I hate about movie/books like that is that once they’re over, it’s really hard to come back to reality. It’s like a slap in the face or a bucket of cold water. I don’t know exactly why, I have a pretty good life I’d say but it’s missing that adventure and suspense.

Also, is it bad that the society reminded me of the public school system?

So, I’ll be uploading and installing the Wordpress for FJWH tonight. In the meantime I’ll be out with Raphael for his birthday. :)

New Job Starting Next Week!

I’m a bit nervous about starting my new job next week but I feel really good about it. The company just seems right andthe company culture seems a lot better than others I had applied to. I’m still not exactly sure what career department I want to pursue after I graduate but I have roughly 97 credits - around 3 to 4 years - to figure it out. :) In the mean time, this company will be my stepping stone into the business world outside of retail.

I think the only bad thing about it is, I have to wake up super early tomorrow to take a drug test. I had tried to make it after signing everything, before the 4:30pm deadline, but my bike’s brakes literally gave out about four blocks from my apartment. I have to take my husband’s bike there in the morning and then see if the mechanic is in the bike shop at the university after I get back. Stupid bike! :(

Is anyone else starting a new job?

From Japan With Heart ♥
From Japan With Heart ♥


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